Yoga Teacher Training

21_Yoga Teacher TrainingLocal Yoga Studio” teacher training programs are uniquely designed to provide you both the depth and breadth of knowledge necessary to teach the various styles of yoga, or create your own unique style of yoga.

Our Therapeutic Yoga teacher training program is designed to deepen this knowledge base allowing you to further your skills as a yoga instructor. By allowing you to select from among a variety of teacher training immersions, this program also provides you the flexibility to tailor your training towards your specific advanced education desires.

This program is an opportunity for dedicated yoga practitioners to delve deeply into their own practice and study. It is also a transformation process. Through self-inquiry and facing personal challenges, participants grow as individuals form a tight bond with one another. Through this process trainees learn how to become a positive force in their own lives and in their communities.

Topics Include:

  • Classical Yoga Philosophy & Scripture Study
  • Teaching Principles: Alignment, Sequencing, Hands on Adjustments
  • Classroom Principles: Assessing Student Needs & Limitations, Making Modifications, Using Props
  • Structural Anatomy & Physiology
  • Subtle Anatomy: Chakras, Koshas, Prana, Nadis, Kundalini
  • Models of the Mind
  • Systematic Relaxation, Pranayama & Meditation
  • Principles of Auyrveda: Gunas, Doshas
  • Business & Ethics

The goal of our training program is to train yoga students to become exceptional yoga teachers with an ability to lead people of all kinds into a meaningful and authentic yoga practice. Participants will learn how to safely and systematically practice and teach a wide range of yoga postures, as well as breathing, relaxation and meditation techniques.


  • Strengthen asana practice
  • Deepen meditation practice
  • Learn about mythology and philosophy
  • Learn therapeutics and anatomy
  • Learn how to assist students
  • Enhance personal freedom and self-empowerment

Experience our interactive yoga asanas, yoga with songs, creative breathing, and visualization and relaxation techniques that has been leading a successful yoga class. Over 400 yoga poses, partner poses, group poses, activities, and age-appropriate games for Toddlers through Teens. Join us and become a child all over again as you learn, practice, teach, discuss, laugh and play in this extraordinary training workshop.

Our training will offer a rich foundation of information and experience from which to begin or deepen a practice of teaching yoga.It is also open to dedicated yoga practitioners looking for a greater depth of knowledge.

Whether you want to be a professional Yoga Instructor or you wish to deepen and expand your Self-Practice and Yoga Knowledge, our Teacher Training programs may be just for you.

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