Restorative Yoga

7_Restorative YogaRestorative Yoga is a gentle conscious body and mind relaxation practice.

Restorative yoga refers to the approach of non-doing, which helps melt away the stress of your day as your entire being unwinds in the art of passive yoga. With great precision and the help of props (like walls, chairs, blocks, bolsters, blankets, straps and eye-pillows) you will be guided into a yoga position with a deep understanding of anatomy to restore healthy alignment.

Through restorative yoga you learn how to let go and surrender your whole self into a peaceful and deeply relaxed state where the body, mind and spirit come to find a blissful balance in unity and an overall sense of well-being. It is a sequence of about 4 to 5 poses only, where each pose is held for an extended period of time using plenty of props such as bolsters, pillows, blankets and blocks in order to eliminate any kind of physical exertion or pressure.

Local Yoga Studio” Restorative Yoga is a perfect chance to melt into long held supported Yoga poses. Restorative Yoga givestudents the chance to unwind and reduce their level of stress. Emphasizing healing visualizations and relaxed variations of simple floor based Yoga poses, Restorative Yoga is the ultimate gift for yourself.

What to Expect:

* A positive and enhancing experience

* Learn how to use props so you are able to find balance and stability while feeling completely relaxed.

* Eliminates fatigue

* Surrender

* Release muscular and mental stress

The aim of this class is to help release toxins and tension both physically and mentally. In this class we spend time in basic poses holding them longer to let the body and mind find a state of relaxation and liberation.

This class is open to all levels, and is a great introduction to the softer side of yoga. This class is also a perfect complement for yogis with an intense physical practice who need to reconnect to becoming more mindful and for easing muscular tension and increase flexibility.

This class may be suitable for prenatal women. Please consult with your physician before engaging in any physical activity.

At “Local Yoga Studio” you will find the perfect yoga class for your level, choose from varied yoga class options including an introducationclass ideal for beginners, or Guided Ashtanga, Mysore Style Ashtanga, and Restorative Yoga.

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