Anusara Yoga

10_Anusara YogaLocal Yoga Studio” Anusara Yoga for health, healing and improved yoga practice. Personalized intuitive Universal Principles of Alignment. Prenatal yoga. Birthing From Within.

Anusara means “to flow with grace and to follow the heart.” This popular style of yoga emphasizes an elegant, concise set of bio-mechanical postural alignment principles, and includes a carefully-paced flow of breath-led postures.

The “Local Yoga Studio“, is a 100% teacher-led, global organization of dedicated students. Each Anusara instructor has been extensively trained in yoga history and philosophy, and in the art of teaching and therapeutics.

Each class begins with an invocation or centering as a devotional recognition of universal Spirit within and around us. Classes feature different heart-oriented themes meant to illuminate the grand spiritual purpose of the asana practice and are structured to help each student unveil a connection to their full potential, both on and off the mat.

Local Yoga Studio“:

* Embraces and upholds the ethical standards of Anusara Yoga.

* Maintains the highest level of professionalism in the operation of the yoga studio.

* Is welcoming to all, regardless of level of yoga experience, race, gender, age, sexual orientation or religious affiliation.

* Strives to build harmony and cohesion in both the Anusara yoga community and the larger yoga community – locally, regionally, and globally.

* Offers classes taught by skilled professionals who teach from the heart, guiding their students on the mat with compassion, respect, and enthusiasm.

Our mission at “Local Yoga Studio” is to uphold and promote the philosophy and methodology of Anusara Yoga through our global community of highly trained and dedicated instructors. Our mission is fulfilled by teachers from around the world, committed to co-creating a sustainable organization guided by integrity, goodwill, and a desire to serve our Anusara yoga students at the highest level.

Our vision is to uphold the high standards of Anusara Yoga methodology, nurture a community that supports grass roots teachers and studios, honors the tradition of Anusara Yoga and the philosophy at its core, and encourages innovation and creative expression.

Most of our teachers have completed the world renowned and highly respected Yoga Works Teacher Training which puts an emphasis on precise alignment along with flowing movement and at the same time graduates some of the top names in yoga today. Our roots can be found in Ashtanga and Iyengar yoga, but our quality classes are accessible to all disciplines and styles.

The school will continue to uplift and transform students and teachers of yoga and create a conscious community whose sole purpose is to provide a safe, healthy and joyful environment for all of its participants to grow and become more connected to their swadharma – their true path.

Contact us for more information at (561) 123-1234